Anne Graham has exhibited in many curated exhibitions nationally and internationally.  More recent exhibitions include those curated while taking part in residencies at the Redgate Studios in Beiijing during 2010 and 2011 when she exhibited at the 798 Art Precinct. She has worked extensively in Japan exhibiting in three Echigo Tsumari Triennials and producing public artworks in Tachikawa, Iwadeyama and Tokamachi. She also completed a residency at Australia House, Echigo Tsumari, Japan in collaboration with TAMA Art University and the Australian Embassy in Tokyo.

In July 2009 Anne undertook a short residency and exhibition in Niigata for The Land and Water Festival, returning to Niigata in 2012 and 2015 to continue working with the community and local histories.

In November 2012 she exhibited in Hong Kong and received the Woolmark Award for Creativity. In June 2014 she completed a residency at the Kulturcentrum, Konsthallen, Sandviken, Sweden that culminated in a solo exhibition of portraits by attribute of local women.

2015 saw Anne taking up a residency at The Big C Environmental Art Residency Program in Bilpin NSW, as a result of which she exhibited work at BMCC in June 2015. Later in 2015 she took up a three-month residency for The Power Institute of Fine Art at The Cite in Paris that resulted in an exhibition at BRAG in 2016 and The Glasshouse in 2017 these exhibitions presented the preliminary results of her ongoing research into Jacquard, punch card technology and the impact of such technologies on communications, art, war and the environment.

In 2018 Anne was awarded a residency at The Australian Tapestry Workshop in Melbourne that provided her with the opportunity to further this research.

Selected Exhibitions and Residencies (numerous prior)


Anne Graham, Kronenberg Wright Gallery, August-September

Via Dolorosa, Stations, Northmead, CAPAHS, April

 Archie ATW exhibition, February-May


The Australian Tapestry Workshop Residency – Melbourne. April-May.

My Own Backyard, Artstate, Tremains Mill, Bathurst, October 31st-Nov 2nd

True Estate, True Estate Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne July.

Colour Run, Braemar House and Gallery, Springwood, 24th May -17th June


Explorers Narratives of Site, The Beelady and The Beehive Observatory, Woodford Academy, 7th October-18th November

Whispering and Rustling, the Susurrus of People, Places and Things, Glasshouse Regional Gallery, 20th May- 2nd July

Feather Cloud, Systems: Air & Water, Articulate Project Space, Sydney, April.

House of Shade and Shadows, Cementa 17, Contemporary Arts Festival, Kandos, April.


Whispering and Rustling, the Susurrus of People, Places and Things, BRAG, October – November

MAPSPACE, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, March


Shinohara’s House 111, Land and Water Festival, Niigata Japan, July

Strange Embrace, The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, May – July

Joalah, The Lost House, Modern Art Projects at Mount Tomah, January


Shifting Sands, Articulate Project Space, Sydney, September-October.

Anne Graham, Solo Exhibition, WW Artists Projects, Sydney, August- September.

Entanglements, Kulturcentrum, Konsthallen, Sandviken, Sweden, June-July


 Connor for Haptic Interface, for Vivid, Hong Kong House, Sydney, May-June


Connor, Koo Ming Kown Gallery, Hong Kong, Nov-December. Winner of the 2012 Woolmark Award.

Chart, WW Artists Projects, Sydney, Australia, August.

Shinohara’s House 11, Land and Water Festival, Niigata Japan, July.


Forbidden City, Red Gate at Nova Gallery, Beigao Artists Precinct, Beijing, China, November.

Found Lost, China Art Projects at Osage, (CAP) The Wine Factory Beijing. China, November.


Constructed City, Constructed Memory Songzhuan Art Festival, Beijing, June (CAP)

Constructed City, Constructed Memory, ME Gallery, 798, Beijing, China, June, (CAP)

The Listene, Beijing Art Fair. Beijing, April, CAP)

Chill-Trailer, Momentum, Carriage Works, in conjunction with the Biennale of Sydney, Sydney, May.


By George, City of Sydney Laneways, Chill Trailer. Commissioned by the City of Sydney. October-January.

Shinohara house 1, The Niigata Land and Water Festival, July 2009 –April 2010.

Memory and Things, School of Fine Art Gallery Newcastle.

Community Interests

In 2018, Anne worked with the Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation to create works for Cementa, a triennial environmental art event.

She has worked with communiites in Australia, Poland, Japan, Sweden and America to enhance their sense of ownership of a place or history. Projects have been Vulnerable Bodies – Art, Architecture and the Public Body in a Hospital Environment, and Imaging Newcastle; Memory and Things, conducted in a retirement village focusing on objects and memory. Moving The Royal, Framing The Memories a research project looking at the possibility of interpretive artworks alleviating stress in times of traumatic change, and Art and the Archive examining the way we look at art and artefacts and measuring emotive response.

Anne curated and produced work for Back to The City 2008 in Newcastle, and The Laneways Project in Sydney 2009. Both projects considered the possibility of urban art as a catalyst for collaboration between artists and architects. From March to July 2010 she completed a residency at Redgate, Beijing in which issues related to memory, loss and replacement with migrant occupants were explored.

In August 2010 Anne collaborated with staff and students from TAMA Art University Tokyo and students from Newcastle University at Australia House Niigata, creating an opportunity for cross cultural communication.

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Conversation with Anne Graham