Singing Sands 2019

In With Every Breath, Blue Mountains City Art Gallery, curated by Rilke Oakley, 6th July-25th August 2019


I first made a work responding to the singing sands of Kakuminhama in 2009, titled Shinohara’s House for The Land and Water Festival, Niigata Japan. The village of Kakuminhama was famous for its singing sands before it was lost due to land subsidence, one house remained and was moved to the nearby village of Gokominhama. In this house I hung glass funnels through which carborundum could be poured to make sighing music that echoed the lost sound of the singing sand. I have made several different versions of this work responding to different architectures from 2009–2015. In this meditative interactive version the gentle sound of the pouring carborundum is reminiscent of the rhythm of breath or the cadence of waves breaking on the shore.