Humboldt’s Mountains

Kronenberg Mais Wright Gallery August –September 2019

This work installation was inspired by Alexander Von Humboldt (14/9/1769 – 6/5/1859). He was a geographer, naturalist, explorer and proponent of Romantic Philosophy and Science.  Humboldt illustrated plant life in relation to altitude and climate and his work inspired me to make the work Humboldt’s Mountains. I used recycled blankets from Op-Shops and dyed them with colours that corresponded with the layers of colour in Humboldt’s drawings.

As with my recent work I began with the tallest mountains in vibrant colour and slowly as I assembled the work I drained the colour, the final pieces were white, life was absent. I began this series of works during a residency at The Australian Tapestry workshop in Melbourne. This work is the first in a series of works responding to climate change.