Anne Graham’s research interests focus on investigations of identity and space. When she first moved to NSW she lived in central Sydney and her installations often responded to the underbelly of the city, the in-between places, the untended spaces between buildings occupied by transient visitors. She transformed these unheimlich places into places for interaction, eating, talking, and forming small communities for a while.

 Since 2010 she has lived in Kanimbla Valley in regional NSW and this place is now informing her work. She has the time to listen to the sounds, observe the skies, look at the extraordinary colours of this landscape as the weather and the seasons change. She has also become aware of the urgent need to protect this extraordinary place. To exploit this land and its resources is to ignore the heritage and the idea of the land as a living entity imbued with spirit and identity. She is hopeful that an aesthetic understanding through art works and a critical and social movement can turn the damage around.